Mike Bose Mike Bose
Bedford, IA

When asked why one would want to make a clay pot, my first response was why not? On closer examination, with myself as the only reference point, reasons were uncovered that even I was unaware of. Born in the late 1940s and a teenager in the turbulent 60s, I found myself swept along by the social currents and eddies of the times. There was the Cold War, the Vietnam War, the draft. Permanence was fleeting. I saw my first handmade pots in Southeast Asia, the massive Nook-mon pots of the Mekong Delta. Worldwide people, cultures and social structures have come and gone, but ceramic pots have remained to tell the story of their makers. In a chaotic time of impermanence, here was something permanent, something solid.
After Vietnam, I majored in art at Missouri State University. My raku vessels and plaques incorporate images of the primordial past: fish, lizards, frogs, trilobytes. An Iowa studio potter for over 25 years, I exhibit and sell my work at juried art shows across the country.
One day, with any luck, perhaps my work will help piece together who we were as a people and a culture.

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