Wes Galusha
Omaha, NE

Wes Galusha

My clay journey began as an apprenticeship in England, continuing with a Fine Arts degree, teaching at the University of Nebraska at Omaha and Bellevue University. I presently own and operate Crescent Moon Pottery north of Omaha, Nebraska. Creating pottery continues a tradition since people first put clay to fire. It is my passion to that tradition of creating functional pottery to be used, not just admired.

My pottery is a legacy to the future saying, “I was here”. Pottery is an ancient skill with the product being nearly eternal. Pottery itself speaks from the past to the present as to the culture, lives, food and the definition of beauty by the maker, at the time the piece was created. I am continuing the quest to create a form that defines who and what I am in my relationship to the clay. I’ve developed the clay formula, the slips and the glazes that decorate my ware and am use a unique personal style, not chasing trends or popular effects or styles that come and go with each passing year. My work is relevant as the intended function rarely fades.

My pieces are a part of my life, which I choose to share with others. They are defined by the line, shape, decoration and purpose of each piece. Each piece is unique and intended to be used as a relationship is forged with the owner. My wish is that people will use my work, and it will become the cup they reach for, the bowl they like to serve from and work they put on the table to commune with family and friends. I also like to believe when the life of the piece is over through use or accident, the disposed shards will be discovered for that generation to determine who we were as a culture at this point in time.

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