David Harris

David Harris
St. Joe, MO

At the heart of my work is form. It is the foundation that supports the content, idea, and message of the artwork. When my pieces are first conceived I focus my attention on the line, or profile of the piece, which ultimately determines the qualities I wish to express. Subtle changes in the curve or direction of the profile can have an extreme influence on the overall feel, emotion, and visual impact of the piece. My goal is to distill and extract the essential elements of shape and form in order to produce increasingly quiet, peaceful, and understated pieces that convey an ethereal quality. Clay is most alive when it is freshly thrown. The wet clay appears to both absorb and radiate light. I strive to emulate this quality when dealing with glazes and surface design. To achieve that purity, I have employed shino glazes, ash glazes, slips, engobes, and multi-layered high-fire glazes. My ultimate objective is to achieve a harmonious marriage of form and surface, to blur the line between the clay and the glaze, and to recapture the pristine character of wet clay.

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