Tim Reese

Tim Reese
Utica, NE

My interest in making utilitarian pots is rooted both in the challenge of the studio processes of forming and firing as well as the many roles the they will fulfill in their future use.
I began working with clay eleven years ago when I enrolled in a college course as an elective. I was swallowed up by the material, with its ability to have a working relationship with me and also with its depth of technical aspects to master and understand. Over the course of those years my life's circumstance has taken many turns, but clay has always found a way to be a part.
In a similar way I see my pots developing a certain relationship with those who use them. I make them with the intent that they occupy a certain space within a personís life. They offer character and contribute to a particular experience. I enjoy the idea that my work has the ability to play a part in the community that exists when people come together to eat, or in another place a quiet companion for morning coffee. Either way my pots are out there working.
After spending many years traveling and living in different places, I decided to move to my familyís farm in Utica, Nebraska. I have spent the last year building a wood kiln and am very excited for what will come in the years ahead.

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