Jonathan Walburg
Washburn, WI

Jonathan Walburg

Jonathanís pottery is a fusion of American, Japanese, and Korean ceramics. He fell in love with clay during college, but a 2 year apprenticeship under Richard Bresnahan at St. Johnís Pottery in central Minnesota sparked a passion. Jonathan then followed his teacherís roots by moving to the historic pottery village of Karatsu, Japan. That changed his life. After spending four years in Japan, Jonathan and his wife moved to Washburn in Bayfield County in 2011 because of the beautiful Lake Superior region and its strong arts community. His work is a combination of all his experiences apprenticing in Minnesota and studying in Japan and Korea.
Jonathan uses local clay, local beach sand, and hand-makes his own glazes from local plantís ashes. This is integral to the philosophy of his work. The use of local clay, beach sand and ash glaze adds depth and a prominent voice distinctly from this northern region of Lake Superior. Each piece has a story. His pottery blends folk and fine art Ė making skillfully handcrafted work with the intent of making everyday life beautiful.

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